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Ok, I’ve seen this post on my dash before, and I would like to address its message really quickly.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I think people addressing their fears and seeing them as less of a threat then they actually are is a great thing, and that is what this post is trying to do.
But lets just read the last sentence.
“You can trust spiders with babies. Don’t be an asshat about your phobia plz.”
Now, as a person with rather severe arachnophobia that mainly centers towards spiders, being told that if I state my opinion about the spider saying I would kill it/call someone over to get rid of it as quickly as possible, I am being an asshat.
And look.
That spider is freaking huge, I probably would go into a small panic attack if I was in the same room as it.

Now, I have read the passage, I’m not talking out of my ass about this. This spider seems to be more tame then most, but, I am still terrified of it.

Now, one last thing, lets address the last two sentences again.-
“You can trust spiders with babies. Don’t be an asshat about your phobia plz.”
First sentence- no you can’t. This spider in specific? Sure, if you are fine with spiders and you know it’s not going to drop on your kids face In the middle of the night, sure. However, black widows? Tarantulas? Bird eating spiders? Not so much (just thinking about all these is getting me really paranoid so I’m going to wrap this up)

Point being, if you think this thing is cool and you want eighty in your house, go ahead. But if someone says “wtf are you doing”, or, “I’d rather kill it then live with it”, dont get all butt hurt. Phobias are serious.
Sorry for ranting, thank you for your time.

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